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Session 5: APLC Working Group Updates and Plans

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

5th Nov 2023

AML Working Group: Different leads were appointed to look into several areas of focus such as TP53 mutation in AML or AML with MDS, regional treatment recommendation via online platform and clinical trial of frontline gliteritinib.

ALL Working Group: The group discussed the current challenges and variations in the diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment of ALL across different regions. The group identified the priorities relating to treatment protocols, guidelines on PEG asparaginase, registry and HEOR.

CLL Working Group: Action plans for CLL working group were developed to look into recruiting more members, updating APAC CLL consensus guidelines, building registry, clinical trials as well as CLL educational content creation.

Disease Registry, Clinical Trials, Patient Advocacy & Education: In the area of disease registry, steps were discussed to address some of the key issues remain such as data privacy and sharing, data quality and standardization, and data governance and funding.

For clinical trials, a couple of models were suggested as possible frameworks for multi-region clinical trials. It was also recognized that patient advocacy is a space to look into as APLC grows.

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