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Session 3 & 4: Plenary AML and Working Group Session & Industry Engagement Session

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

4th Nov 2023

Plenary AML Lecture: Prof Andrew Wei briefly reviewed the 2022 WHO and ELN classifications of AML and highlighted some of the practical challenges and controversies in applying them to clinical practice.

He proceeded to provide an overview of the current treatment landscape of AML, focusing on different age groups, genetic subtypes, and clinical scenarios. He compared the benefits and limitations of various novel agents.

Asia-Pacific Perspective on AML (APLC AML Survey Findings): In this session, results collected from a survey that had 17 respondents was analyzed and the results presented.

The survey highlighted the need for more harmonization and standardization of AML diagnosis and treatment in the Asia-Pacific region. It also identified some unmet needs and gaps in the management of AML patients in the region.

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